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How to make your corporate event really successful

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Everyone wants their conference, meeting or event to go well, but often  the responsibility falls to someone who is not an event organiser by trade.  If that is you, here are some tips to calm your nerves, give you control and help to make organising your corporate event a panic-free experience. And remember, our professional team will be with you every step of the way.

Take time for planning

Before you book anything, take the time to think about what you want to achieve from your event and why you are holding it.  Who are the key people attending and what do you want them to go away with?  Work out your numbers, budget, and timings against this target.

Be Creative

Most people in business attend a few corporate events each year so it’s really important to make yours stand out.  Edinburgh has some good creative event planners who introduce unique interactive experiences.  Tablet treasure hunts around the old town; group drumming sessions; or team eco-challenges are all popular and can bring messages to life, often better than a presentation.  Have a look at what other people have done by searching for corporate case studies.


Corporate events are about making things work better, so think about how you can inspire your attendees.  That might mean dressing your rooms to be unusual or particularly bright; creating a theme, or bringing in a brilliant facilitator.  We find the vivid colours of The Hub work well for businesses seeking a dramatic backdrop.  An award ceremony in our Main Hall, for instance, can be made memorable with creative lighting of our colourful walls for a great photography backdrop.


It is always surprising how many people are unsure of the number of people they have attending an event.  It might seem obvious, but ensuring you know who is actually coming is pretty crucial.  When catering for large numbers, it is always a good idea to follow-up with people in the days before to ensure they are still coming.  There is also nothing like an unexpected arrival to keep us on our toes!  Checking attendees and your acceptance list regularly is an essential part of good event organisation.

Give a good welcome!

Face to face opportunities are excellent for building relationships.  If you have done good advance planning and checked attendances, you will already have established a relationship with attendees ahead of the event itself.  When they arrive, ensure you give a good welcome.  Have a strong team of enthusiastic and efficient people at the door so the first experience is a positive one.  A super-friendly greeting along with simple advice on cloakrooms, toilets and where to find refreshments will immediately make people feel at home – and you want them to be relaxed!

 Find the right venue

A good venue doesn’t just create a backdrop for your event, if you find one that employs a great team, then it will also make the experience excellent.  Good food, great service and professionalism are essential elements of any top venue, so take the time to get to know the people who will be part of your event before you make the final choice.  If you can, ask to speak to former clients and find out about their experience.  Finding the right food is essential too, so check out the menus, especially to check they cater for different diets and preferences.  We often like to meet our clients in our Cafe Hub so they can experience our great ‘Hubmade’ food before they book and we like to work with clients to create food that complements the itinerary.

You also want a venue that stays in your guests’ memories, and as the highest corporate venue in Edinburgh we literally stand above many of the venues that abound in this beautiful city. Our events and hospitality team offer a stand-out service to match and aim to make every event memorable and special.

So, if you want the best conference or meeting possible, follow these simple guidelines.  Strong planning, putting people first and picking the right venue will ensure your event is a success.