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Scottish tipples: What are we drinking at The Hub?

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Last month, we celebrated Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2018, which gave us a chance to celebrate all that is wonderful about Scotland’s food and drink. The hospitality industry plays a strong role in the economy, creating jobs, increasing investment and generating exports.  This month we thought we’d take a look at our favourite drinks and run through some of Scotland’s top tipples and trends.


Scotland’s national drink was first mentioned in the Exchequer Rolls of 1495. Today, it is in favour with millennials, having shed its image as an old man’s drink. Trendy with both men and women, Whisky can attribute some of its recent popularity to cocktail mixes and TV programmes such as Mad Men; depicting whisky as stylish and aspirational.  It is also a drink that’s attractive to collectors and experts, with many buying special bottlings and building their wide knowledge – and many tourist attractions and bars offer expert whisky tastings.

Why not treat yourself to a dram at The Hub? We have a special whisky menu for your enjoyment, which can be found at the back of our drinks menu.


You may have noticed our Edinburgh Gin Terrace during the festivals in the summer – we love gin at The Hub! Gin has recently seen a surge in popularity, which is largely due to the expansion in micro-distilleries and the fact that gin can be brought to market quickly, as there is no ageing process.  Gin is also brilliant for cocktails, with its versatility and who doesn’t love gin o’clock on a Friday?

Gin has been around for a while – in the 1770s in Edinburgh there were eight licensed distilleries, along with almost 400 unregistered stills. While the spirit may have lost some popularity during the 1900s, it is now seriously on-trend, with Edinburgh consuming more gin per head than any other British city!


Beer has been produced in Scotland for around 5,000 years – so we like to think we’re pretty good at it. During the 1840s, there were 280 breweries in operation in Scotland. While this reduced to 11 in the 1970s, the 21st century has seen Scottish craft beer take off, with many flocking to events such as the Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival.

The market has also reacted to gluten intolerance, crafting gluten-free beers. The UK’s first, dedicated gluten-free microbrewery – Bellfield Brewery – is based in Edinburgh, producing excellent lagers and ales.

The Hub

You’ll find plenty of Scottish sourced drinks to try out on our menu at Cafe Hub, right in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. Whether you are looking for lunch over wine on your day off or after sightseeing, or you are looking for somewhere to settle in for a long Saturday autumn afternoon on the Royal Mile and enjoy our afternoon tea experience, make The Hub your next destination for a tipple or two. Check out our menu here.