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International Women’s Day at The Hub

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, it’s clear that women have always made a valuable contribution to society, yet it was little over a hundred years ago that women got the vote and in some countries, it has only happened in the last few years.

The team at The Hub in Edinburgh has been discussing how some of our team leaders have been inspired and encouraged to pursue their career and life goals.  What is interesting, is how often it is the role mothers play in inspiring their daughters to achieve, that makes the difference to our ambitions.  Some of our team have shared their inspirations, challenges and career advice with us:

Kirsten Stewart – HR & Payroll Manager

Kirsten has been with The Hub for 13 years and after working in hospitality since her school days, she studied for a postgraduate diploma in HR management to further her career.  Inspired by two best friends who bring passion and dedication to their careers and families, Kirsten has found their encouragement has driven her to achieve.

Kirsten’s role model is Rosa Parks, who for one single moment in 1955 refused to give up her seat on the bus for a white man even though it was against the law.  Kirsten’s reasoning is: “She became an international icon for the resistance of racial segregation and was instrumental in the civil rights movement, often known as the mother of freedom”.

Hard work, flexibility and the reward of a gin and tonic on The Hub Terrace in the sunshine are what Kirsten thinks are the best things about working in The Hub.

Anna Kincaid – Café Manager

It’s the chance to work around people from many different backgrounds and cultures who each bring something special to the business, that makes Anna tick. She’s always had a passion for food and drink and it was only after university that she realised her hobby could become her career. 

Anna is inspired by her mum, who she says is “An amazing, strong and intelligent business woman who is passionate about everything she does, and the word impossible doesn’t exist in her dictionary. She was the one to show me that there should be no limits when you set your goals.”  Still on the subject of strong women, her role model is Michelle Obama because of her work to promote education for girls and gender equality.

Anna’s advice for a career in hospitality is to work hard and face the challenges that come, and she loves our unique Sculpture Hall and the backdrop it creates for photography.

Magda Wojna – Senior Event Sales Coordinator

It’s the challenge and variety in her job that Magda enjoys.  And with 13 years at The Hub, since her career began, it’s clear she is working somewhere she loves!

Her mum has been a real inspiration to Magda, with her unflappability, her ability to deal with difficult decisions and her constant smile.  She has supported all of Magda’s life decisions, even when she didn’t necessarily agree with them! 

Magda chose Audrey Hepburn as her role model because she worked hard to get where she did and she used her fame to become a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and change lives – a woman ahead of her time.

Her advice on a career in hospitality is to have good organisational and time management skills and lots of common sense!  If you are looking for Magda in The Hub, you will find her admiring the Sculpture Hall, as she loves how each sculpture was handmade by one person and has a special connection to past Edinburgh International Festival performances.

Fi Morley – General Manager

Dolly Parton fan, Fi Morley, finds it’s the constant variety and teamwork that makes her 9 to 5 so inspiring – and she loves every day in her job!

After studying Business with Hospitality, Fi found the opportunities in the industry were good enough for her to forge a good career in the UK and abroad.  She has found the opportunities to work and travel anywhere, alongside the variety of roles and some really strong female leaders, the reason why tourism and hospitality is her career of choice.

As with her colleagues, Fi’s mum has played an important role in her life, as has her Gran who was a strong woman: “Some might say stubborn”.  A dedicated mother, a special needs teacher and active in politics, she was another woman ahead of her time.

Fi chose Millicent Fawcett as her role model and explains why: “She was instrumental in bringing the vote to women in the UK.  I have lived and worked in Africa and seen people queue for three days just to vote, knowing that their vote might not count.  I am proud to say that it is our right to vote and we should always use it, whatever our political views.”  Of course, Fi’s other role model, Dolly Parton, is also a passionate campaigner on literacy.

Say yes to every opportunity, immerse yourself in what’s going on and have boundless energy is Fi’s career advice.  And when in The Hub, with its location right at the heart of Edinburgh, you can just enjoy the views from the front door all the way down the Royal Mile and relish the fact that you are here.