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Creative Learning at The Hub

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As well as being one of Edinburgh’s unique and stunning luxury venues, The Hub sits at the heart of Edinburgh’s International Festival, which hails on the Scottish capital every August. It is one of the most unique, exciting and unmissable events of the Scottish calendar. However, throughout the remaining 11 months of the year, Edinburgh’s International Festival runs a Creative Learning Programme, designed to reach and inspire many young people in art, dance, and music. The programme has been running for over 20 years, and has engaged hundreds of pupils annually.

Here at The Hub, we regularly host Creative Learning Workshops. One of our favourites is the ‘Art of Listening’, which introduces primary school pupils to classical music. We have recently been honoured to welcome a very talented opera singer and an accompanist, who performed spectacularly for the children. By allowing the young people to experience live music first-hand, and encouraging them to actively listen to the music through various exercises, the notion of classical music being ‘boring’ is certainly challenged! Most of the children have really enjoyed the ‘Art of Listening’ workshops, and it allowed them to think and talk about music in different ways.

Another favourite workshop that we run at The Hub is ‘Soul Boxes’. This is a visual arts project that encourages primary school pupils to see how art can help them to understand the world around them better. Artists encourage the children to collect autobiographical material such as photographs, and then are shown different ways these can be transformed into an artist book as a way to document their lives and experiences.

‘Blueprint for the Future’ is another workshop which encourages pupils at secondary school to imagine a future world. The pupils are asked to write a letter to their future selves, and think critically about society today and how they can impact the world in the future. They are then asked to create cyanotypes, which is the result from a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print: this ‘blueprint’ exercise really helps to develop literacy and creativity skills for the pupils.

Talking about the Creative Learning Programme, The Hub’s General Manager, Fi Morley says: “We love being a luxury venue and café, and we also love that we are home to Edinburgh’s International Festival.  We are even more pleased to be involved in the Creative Learning Programmes throughout the year. Working alongside Edinburgh International Festival to facilitate the different workshops is really inspiring, particularly when we see young people and their teachers introduced to different aspects of art, dance and music”.

Adding to Fi’s comments, Caroline Donald, the Head of Creative Learning says: “The year-round programme that Creative Leaning delivers really is extraordinary. We are able to connect with people of different ages and introduce them to new and unusual art forms. It is great that we can work at The Hub and host our workshops there – The Hub has some really interesting and fitting spaces for the different projects that we offer, and it has always worked really well. Coming to The Hub for these workshops is an important part of young people’s experience, and being there at the home of the festival really adds to their enjoyment and response. We are really excited about 2018’s programme of projects, and we are sure they will continue to be a success!”.

To read more information about Creative Learning, please visit the website: https://www.eif.co.uk/creativelearning