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Bringing Conferences and Events to Life with Technology

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When choosing an event venue there is so much to consider.   An event space that is inspiring is vital, but so too are the practical elements.  Knowing your conference will include cutting edge technology is as important as good food and comfortable chairs.

Forbes magazine has declared that 2019 is the year to make ‘technology for the people’.  This emphasises a growing shift to improve consumer experiences using products, such as virtual reality (VR), that were previously reserved for the technically savvy. The use of these pioneering technologies at conferences increasingly makes events more engaging, accessible and enjoyable for delegates, alongside producing a far superior return on investment for organisers. The excellent connectivity of venues such as The Hub is vital in facilitating the use of these technologies, while also providing flexible spaces that can adapt to events of all sizes.

Edinburgh is regarded as one of the eminent technology cities in Europe and holds the title of the UK’s fastest growing tech hub, with connected spaces aplenty and rapidly increasing numbers of data scientists. This melting pot of investment and ambition makes it easy to understand why Edinburgh is the most active city for innovation in the UK outside of London.  With local marketing campaigns capitalising on our history of innovation and the fact that we are home to businesses such as Rock Star North, Skyscanner & FanDuel, venues across the city are tapping into technology. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the incredible innovations and apps that are increasingly setting conferences alight.

Pathable App:

Event apps such as Pathable create a sense of connectivity and engagement. From facilitating easier check-in, to connecting attendees, Pathable ensures that events run smoother, and it also enables delegates to ‘get more’ from the event. Organisers will love the way in which they can integrate surveys and live polls, while also gaining key data on attendees and metrics to demonstrate value. The possibilities are vast with Pathable, so it’s easy to see why it’s been trusted by the likes of Microsoft and the UN.

Virtual Reality (VR):

A conference filled with 200 delegates all wearing VR headsets may sound like something out of a dystopian novel, but in reality the incredibly immersive experience can offer delegates a unique perspective and a memorable experience. A construction conference could, for example, give visitors unique access to a site thousands of miles away, whilst members of the hospitality industry may be fascinated to explore a new hotel opening in South America – all which are possible with VR. It’s even possible to use VR to link your conference to another, bringing together attendees from all over the world in a uniquely engaging fashion.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

It’s possible that one day we’ll attend events hosted by robots.  While this will never replace the personal service we like to provide our clients, AI is increasingly being used at events.  Chatbots might be a useful participant at a large scale exhibition or conference as they could answer questions while freeing up live staff for other tasks. However, the possibilities of AI venture far beyond answering questions: AI matchmaking systems could draw data from social media profiles of delegates and recommend other relevant attendees to meet, sessions to attend and any products that might be of interest – all creating an incredibly immersive and personalised experience.

The fantastic news for event organisers is that many of these ground-breaking technologies and apps are easily accessible.  As so many venues, such as The Hub are well connected with the latest technology, we can see the future of the next-gen conference is secure.  

Though it does occur to us that while technology will lead the way in conferences of the future, when it comes down to it nothing will ever replace the comfort of a good chair, an expert event organiser, or delicious food – all of which are, of course, on offer in our well-equipped, city centre building.