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5 Cafes to Check Out While Exploring Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

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As you explore Edinburgh’s breath-taking Old Town, there are many options to choose from when it comes to dining and cafes. Here our fantastic intern, Amanda shares some of her favourite coffee spots.


Located on St Mary’s Street across from The World’s End Pub and close to The Royal Mile, this quaint cafe offers a variety of menu items including breakfast dishes, soups, sandwiches and of course, coffee! Procaffeination is also known for its beautifully-decorated healthy juices.



Edinburgh Press Club

Tucked away on Cockburn Street off The Royal Mile, this cafe offers several delicious coffee selections, blending flavours such as dark chocolate and hazelnut. In addition, there is a full breakfast and lunch menu available, so food is also an option. With its unique view of the sloping street and proximity to The Royal Mile, it is a perfect place to escape from the crowds.



Southern Cross Cafe

Also located on Cockburn Street is Southern Cross Cafe. This cafe offers a comfortable setting for sit-down meals with a side of coffee. From breakfast rolls and pastries to chicken quesadillas toasted ciabattas and lush green salads, there is plenty to choose from.



Clarinda’s Tea Room

We could not leave out the tea lovers! If you prefer tea to coffee, you might want to pay a visit to Clarinda’s tea room on Canongate Street, just off the Royal Mile. Although not considered a cafe, this quaint tea room is a cosy spot to enjoy a warm drink, homemade pastry or full Scottish breakfast. Its vintage interior reflects that of a front parlour room, making you feel like a welcomed guest rather than a customer.



Cafe Hub

The list would be incomplete if we forgot to mention our own Cafe Hub, located within The Hub, Edinburgh’s Festival Centre, at the top of The Royal Mile. Order a coffee for takeaway as you venture up to see the views from Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, or grab a table for a leisurely lunch, either inside or on our outdoor terrace. From ‘hubmade’ sandwiches, hearty breakfasts and mezze salads, to afternoon tea, Cafe Hub can accommodate all your cravings.