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Creating a flexible and large venue within the original Victorian building is a wonderful example of contemporary design. The Hub today represents the harmony of new and old, bringing a unique perspective to every event held in the venue.

The Red Carpet – Carole Vincent’s work in coloured concrete at the entrance draws guests into the building, in the manner of a ‘Red Carpet.’ It is a subtle and complex pattern which introduces a taste of the colours used throughout The Hub.

Walls in the Main Hall – Squigee created the wall coverings for the Main Hall. The bold and repetitive pattern of the design echoes the colours used throughout the venue in a blast of colour and design.

The Sculpture Hall – Jill Watson decorated the Main Stair with over 200 plaster figures on the shelves, representing past festival performances of dance, music, theatre and opera. The top row shows the audience applauding the performers below.

Glass Windows – Christian Shaw designed and made the Dunard Library windows to bring brightness into the room on even the dullest of days. He achieved this by making special lens-like pieces of glass, fused with a thin layer of yellow on the outside.

Flamboyant Modern Tiles – Jacqui Poncelet designed the lively terrazzo panelling on the ground floor, using a contemporary, repetitive pattern. The extent and richness of the pattern changes throughout the ground floor to reflect its different uses.

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Environmental Policy

We believe in a commitment to “reduce, reuse, recycle” and aim to minimise our environmental impact with regard to events and operations.

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